Sanne Mikaela Bazlamit
Brøndvejen 5, Salløvby
4621 Gadstrup (8 km syd for Roskilde)

Tel.  40 95 88 75
About Livsglædecentret

blomster ved indgangen300Livsglædecentret is a homely and intimate therapy center located 8 km south of Roskilde and 35 km from Copenhagen.
You can go by train to Roskilde. From Roskilde it is possible to take a bus, and from the bus stop you just have to walk about 700 meters to reach Livsglædecentret.
Livsglædecentret is frequented by men, women and couples between the age of 18 and 89.

Livsglædecentret offers

  • Tantra massage for men and women
  • Tantra massage for one couple
  • Tantra massage for couples, weekend course
  • Tantra massage therapist education
  • Sexologist conversations
  • Therapy for Couples
  • Individual personal development
  • Vision quests

The purpose of Livsglædecentret is to enhance and strengthen the joy of life and improve the energy in every possible way.
I gladly go abroad to hold lectures, workshops and Tantra massages for men, women and couples.

Tantra is for everybody

Would you like to obtain more energy and joy in your life? to release your creativity? to become a better lover or mistress and to search deeper into yourself/yourselves? Then you should try Tantra.
Tantra is pure life energy and it is also an efficient way to get knowledge about your inner self.
Through Tantra you will feel yourself elevated to a higher level - sexually, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Tantra massages

Tantra massage for men and women

hænder205The Tantra massage takes place in a pleasent warm room with soft music, mild fragrance and candle lights. You lie naked on a wide mattress, where all you have to do is to relax and enjoy the pleasure fully.
Tantra massage is a sensual whole body massage with oil. It begins with a short meditation, where I will guide you into your body, your emotions and your thoughts.

You will be massaged with soft attentive touches. Intuitively healingly I let my hands massage you deeply and gently so that your inner tensions will loosen up, you will relax and have the opportunity to experience even more comfort.
You will be massaged down your back, buttocks and legs. You will also be massage on the whole front of your body: head, arms, hands, chest and stomach, the area around your genitals, your genitals, thighs, legs and feet. The whole massage will be performed in full compliance with your own limits and it is a very enjoyable massage.
Tantra is all about full mentally and emotionally attendancy in the present moment – in Tantra you enjoy the whole process.
A Tantra massage takes 2 hours. I am giving - you are receiving.

Being a man it is perfectly normal to have an erection – whether your penis is relaxed, semi hard, semi relaxed or hard is quite alright. Receiving a Tantra massage is not about performing sexually and your gender will take the shape it wants to. Desire and lust are natural feelings.
The purpose with the massage is not to obtain an orgasm, but if it should happen, it is alright. But it is not something you can “order”.
I am often told that receiving a Tantra massage is far better than having sex and that the energy which normally comes from an orgasm, by Tantra is spread to the whole body and becomes an inner orgasm and energy of life.
It is possible to have a prostate-massage as well - please ask for it during our talk before the massage.

The price of a Tantra massage is D.Kr. 2.100, - for 2 hours. That is ½ hours talk and 1½ hours Tantra massage.

Tantra massage for one couple

model 2We begin with ½ hours talk, where I find out who you are and learn about your expectations regarding to the session. Then 1½ hours of massage - if it is the man, who is receiving the massage, it is the woman and I who gives the massage. Is it the woman, who is receiving the massage, it is the man and I who are massaging her.
There is a difference between men’s and women’s energy-flow in the body and therefore I recommend that you order one separate session for the man and one separate session for the woman.

Price: DKr. 3150, - per session. One session lasts about 3 - 3½ hours

Why you should choose Tantra massage:

Because Tantra massage strengthen your sexuality and self-acceptance.
Because Tantra massage gives you more energy and inner peace.
Because Tantra massage is pure enjoyment for your body and soul.
Because touching is the language of your heart and your body will thank you for the gift it receives by being massaged.
Because with Tantra massage your whole body will be massaged.

Tantra massage can be helpful for men with erection problems and lack of sexual lust.
Tantra massage can be helpful for women who suffer from lack of sexual lust, problems from assault, vulvadyni etc.

Sexologist sessions

udlejning 10The joy of having a good sex life - which secures a good feeling in our whole body - is one of the foundation stones in the making of our everyday life. If the sex life doesn’t work, we don’t live a perfect life.

One thing is for sure: Words redeem...

I offer conversations and coaching within the following areas:
Life as a single: Opportunities / limitations?
Difficulties in finding a boyfriend / girlfriend?
Difficulties in finding a lover / mistress?
Need to talk about fantasies or thoughts concerning your own sexuality?
Opportunities in the sexual world?
Your own sexual development - are you at a standstill - and want to move on?
Courage to try something new
Prejudices, guilt and shame
The female and mail erogenous zones
Homosexuality / heterosexuality
Reduced or lack of sexual lust
Reduced ability to have an orgasm
Erection problems – too soon / late ejaculation
Porn and sex addiction

You have the right to be in a joyful emerging sexuality - and YOU are the boss!

Price DKr. 900, - for one hour - thereafter DKr. 450, - for each 30 minutes.

Relationship therapy (for couples)

Do you want to evolve more erotically and sexually together - and do you need to talk about it, and get more inspiration and more ideas?
Are you experiencing erection problems or abdomen pain?
Is it difficult for you to reach each other and be present when you are together?
Has the sparkle disappeared in your relationship?
Are children, everyday life, or the job taking up your time, so that you don’t make time for each other and your relationship?
Has your relationship become a habit?
Is it difficult to tell each other about desires, fantasies and needs?
Do you need to end the relationship in a dignified manner?
Have you experienced infidelity which still fills the minds so that you have difficulties in ‘finding’ each other again?
Have you forgotten why you once chose each other, and have your values changed since then?

Relationship therapy can be a way to retrieve the sparkle in your relationship.

Price: DKr. 1.450, - for 1½ hours.

The wellknown Tantra-therapist Sanne Mikaela Bazlamit from “Livsglædecentret” in Denmark is thoroughly guiding her pupils through a wholebody Tantric massage.

Stream the dvd “Tantra4life” and learn how the give a Tantric massage. Buy here.

Sanne Mikaela Bazlamit

Tantra massage therapist, sexologist and relationship therapist. Sanne Mikaela Bazlamit is born June 18th 1963. She has two sons born 1988 and 1992 and she is the initiator and founder of Livsglædecentret.

Qualifications and education

Social worker, Frøbel College of Education, 1996
Socialmotorik instructor – 3-year education 2000, at teacher Per Leth
Drama/theatre and self-development, 6 months intensive training, 1998
Psycho spiritual DEVA advisor at Ingelise Emby, 2-year education, 2002
Project manager
Manager of Livsglædecentret, start-up 2004
Sexologist 1-year education, 2008
Tantra massage therapist 2008 – tantra courses over 25 years
Story teller Carsten Islington, 2009
Woman’s energy through the voice: Majbritte Ulrikkeholm 2012
Courses: NLP, Communication, Giraffe Language, Cooperation courses, Supervision in tarot, dance, singing, shamanism etc.

susanne 02I have always thought, that life has almost unlimited opportunities and there is so much to learn. The more I learn, the more doors will open and my tolerance, broadness of mind and ability to understand other people and their life situations are increasing. I am a curious human being which has taken me far and wide. Everything centered in my interest in other human beings, joy of life, sexuality, our relations, nature it self and the big universe.

I love life. Life is right now and right here, and the present moment must be seized and lived.
I know that everybody’s potentials are infinite and that we all possess huge creativity which can help and support us in living our lifes in a powerful way.
I know that you are capable of doing much more than you imagine.

I look forward to meeting you and to supporting you on your journey!

Sanne Mikaela Bazlamit
Brøndvejen 5, Salløvby
DK-4621 Gadstrup (8 km south of Roskilde)
Phone +45 40 95 88 75
v/Sanne Mikaela Bazlamit
Brøndvejen 5
4621 Gadstrup, Roskilde

Tlf.: +45 40 95 88 75
SE Nr: 28249837 

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